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          About us | Culture | Craftwork | Product | Memorabilia | Contact us  | 中文版

          Welcome to visit our website. This is the Sales Department of Hangzhou Silkworkshop Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, we hope you have
          an opportunity to visit Hangzhou, one of the most beautiful cities in China. If you visit the city, we highly welcome you to visit our
          workshop. We have a big sales and exhibition center where you can learn silk production process and there is a pattern-making
          room to design and make samples for you immediately.

          Silk made in Hangzhou is famous around the world. You can find it and learn its long history (about 7,700 years) and the colorfu
          l silk culture within by many channels.

          Silk is a fabric of natural protein fibers. It is a luxury product due to limited raw material resource. Silk is the most healthful fabric
          to human found in the world so far. Silk has pearl-like color and smooth feel. It is a miracle of nature.

          Hangzhou Silkworkshop was founded in 1996 by a group of experts, including trendy fabric designers, silk dyeing and printing
          engineers, traditional silk production artisans and many experienced tailors, in the silk industry of Hangzhou.

          Based on traditional materials and production process, we also blend fashion elements in our products. We only use mulberry
          cocoon silk as the raw material. Mulberry cocoon silk is produced by silkworms raised by local farmers. The silkworms eat
          nourishing mulberry leaves. So, our silk is particularly bright and strong and has very comfortable feel.

          Our products include pure silk comforters, silk pillows, pure silk blankets,pure silk duvet covers, pure silk mattresses, pure silk
          pillowcases, pure silk sheets, pure silk bedding sets, pure silk sleeping bads,pure silk gowns and pajamas, underwear, and
          silk art crafts.

          Our products are sold around the world. Many silk products in your local market may be made by us for our customers.

          No order is small order in our eye and we provide the best manufacturer’s price. Our price is the same whether you buy one
          piece or buy one million pieces.

          We welcome your inquiries and will provide effective services to win your trust. Thank you for your visit !


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          Add: Building No.4, Jinsheng Industrial Park, 611 Dongguan Road, Hangzhou, China  P.I.C:310051
          E_mail:tiancansilk@hotmail.com  Tel/Fax:0086-571-87962885  Mobile:(0)13757149688  ATTN:Yueping,Zhu
          © Allrights Reserved By HangZhou Silk Workshop CO.,LTD.

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